Ny portal og ny bog

Vi har nu adgang til Gyldendals lækre portal for HÅNDVÆRK og DESIGN – for alle i 4.-7.klasse. Brug den! 🙂


For lærere med interesse inden for selvsamme fag, har lærerbiblioteket nu fået bogen “Design for good” med fotos og historier til inspiration. Læs nedenstående beskrivelse på engelsk:

“I can’t recommend John Cary’s book, Design for Good, highly enough. His argument…is clear and revolutionary.” —Melinda Gates

In Design for Good, John Cary offers character-driven, real-world stories about projects across the globe that are designed and created with and for the people who will use them. The book reveals a new understanding of the ways that design shapes our lives and gives professionals and interested citizens the tools necessary to seek out and demand designs that dignify.
From Rwanda’s Butaro Hospital to Kalamazoo College’s Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership, the examples in the book show what is possible when design is a collaborative, dignified, empathic process. Cary draws from his own experience as well as dozens of interviews to show not only that everyone deserves good design, but how it can be achieved